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The Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade were created in 2012 and this was the first ever project of Lisbon Awards Group. Created with the goal of bringing together and paying a tribute to advertising, marketing and design, written and thought in portuguese language, they are the only worldwide festival dedicated to the countries with portuguese as first language. Over the years, the Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade are a highly consolidated project with massive prestige.

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The Lisbon Ad Festivals Group is a global advertising award recognized for its prestigious jury members and for gathering in Lisbon some of the biggest names of the advertising and creativity's world. It is composed by the Lisbon International Advertising Festival and two others focused on PR and Health.


The grand prize for architecture and interior design in Portuguese-speaking countries is born.

The award aims to distinguish the best projects in the area, taking into account their innovation, creativity, comfort, sustainability, and modernity.


The Autarchy of the Year Award was created with the aim of honoring municipalities and parishes that stand out, in the most varied areas, for their innovative practices and rigorous management of the public interest.

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The great Portuguese E-commerce award is born. 
The award that aims to distinguish the best projects in the area, taking into account their innovation, technology, creativity, comfort, sustainability and modernity. 

In a world where E-commerce assumes an increasing importance in the life of consumers and companies, the Portugal E-commerce Awards distinguish companies, economic sectors, brands and professionals.

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