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Ana Firmo Ferreira is an entrepreneur that began her career in the advertising area. With short passages on BAR, Brandia Central, Santa Fé and BBDO, she had a broad passage through the world of agencies, acting as account manager, executive producer and strategic planner as well. While she was only 22 years old, she founded Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade, which are directly involved with the creation of Lisbon Awards Group - of which she is the main executive. During the last 6 years, she made the group one of the world’s biggest players in marketing and advertising festivals and also conquered the awards sector.


Known for her taste in interior design, she dreams about the day in which she will be able to convince every collaborator not to leave dirty cups of coffee on the office tables.

Ana Firmo Ferreira, Founder & CEO of Lisbon Awards Group

João Gomes de Almeida is a portuguese advertiser. He started his career when he was 24 years old at BAR as a copywriter. 3 years later he joined NYLON as Executive Creative Director and in just one year he made it the Best Agency of the Year in the Communication's awards of the well knowned Meios & Publicidade magazine. During these years, he won several national and international awards, including 5 Cannes Young Lions Portugal. In 2016 he was considered by the international TheNextGag as one of the 200 most influential creative directors in the world, which only features 2 more portuguese professionals.

Today he is CEO and CCO of the creativity consultant Buzziness and Chairman of Lisbon Awards Group. He is frequently jury on the most important advertising awards in the world, politics columnist in "I", a national newspaper and advertising columnist in the important economics newspaper "ECO". He is also teacher of the FT MBA Marketing, Creativity and Strategy course of the FLAG school, where he is the coordinator of the Advertising course. 


He believes with conviction that Lisbon Awards Group's success is due to the little golf hole, the beer machine, the Nintendo, the punching bag and to the Google Home he had installed in our office. He is absolutely certain that this is the year Sporting wins the championship.



João Gomes de Almeida, Founder & Chairman of Lisbon Awards Group


Margarida Paim started her professional career in Lisbon Awards Group. With a bachelor in Marketing and Advertising from IADE and concluded recently her master in Digital Marketing by Universidade Europeia. She is responsible by organizing events and select all the Jury and Speakers of all LAG projects. 

Known for her big appetite, her small size does not let out the speed in which she is able to swallow XL biscuit boxes and half a liter of jam. Dress her up with a red shirt and we are in the presence of Winnie the Pooh.


Margarida Paim, Head of Events, Speakers and Juries


Sofia LAG.png

Sofia was born in Oporto and graduated in Marketing Management at IPAM.

Her dialect is completely different and it is not always easy to understand her but otherwise, she is an excellent professional.

Worked in hotels for a while and so the coffee in the morning is with her.

Sofia Moura, Operations, Juri, Speakers & Events Trainee 

Marta Teixeira graduated in Design at IADE and she works as Account Manager on the team that coordinates all the sales of LAG projects.

In parallel, she manages her own make up company, area in which she is known for her skill - however, she could never mask her football ignorance, claiming that she is a fan of both Sporting and Benfica teams.



Marta Teixeira, Account Manager Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade & Lisbon Summit

Ana Margarida Rodrigues, Account Manager of International Festivals

Ana Margarida Rodrigues is also one of the most recent acquisitions to the Lisbon Awards Group. With a bachelor in Social Media and an ongoing master in Marketing & Communication both from Universidade Católica, she works as Account Manager on a team that coordinates all the sales of LAG projects.


She is Beyoncé in the shower and Anita for friends. Never takes no for an answer and has

a special interest in cinema and theatre.



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