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The first Padel tournament that brings together networking, management workshops and the competition for the 1st place

On September 30th, some of the most important names in the national business will take their rackets and compete for the first place on the new and unique Padel tournament. Rivalry aside, there will also be networking moments and exclusive management workshops.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that we will hold the first edition of the Padel Business Open, a registered brand of the Lisbon Awards Group - a Portuguese startup that is leader in organizing its own corporate events. Innovation and creativity are essential for us and for this reason, we created another successful initiative in partnership with Vive Padel.

We created a corporate Padel tournament for middle and upper management professionals of companies, where we will unite a healthy sports competition with moments of knowledge sharing and learning. The place where companies can compete for the 1st place and attend the workshops will be at Vive Padel, located on the rooftop of Decathlon of Parque das Nações in Lisbon.

The challenge is released and the registrations are already open. We already count with the registration of three teams, that will certainly guarantee a great competition: Artsana, the Escolha do Consumidor and Vila Galé Hotels. We will keep in suspense the remaining 37 teams but in the coming weeks we will announce them, as well as the sponsors and partners of the event.

We know that Padel is a sport that is becoming more and more popular in Portugal. We also know that at the end of the day, more and more executives and professionals like to change their suits, ties and high heels for tennis shoes and a Padel racket, and that is why we will bring together the national business elite that loves this modality.

We already have the two first confirmed speakers - Sandra Alvarez Baptista, Managing Director at PHD Media who will hold the workshop - “The importance of Work-Life Balance in modern management” and Edson Athayde, CEO and CCO at FCB with the seminar "The Importance of your brand’s storytelling”.

This way, we will connect the world of work and business with Padel and we are pretty sure that will be an event with lots of fun, lost calories and interesting workshops.

For more information visit our website: or contact our team at: +351 915 265 366 and

Lisbon, 12th June 2019


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